Title Name Phone email
Supervisor (E) Roger Bradstreet 655-9573
Town Board (E) Deborah Kenn
Jennifer Marti 4041
John Laubscher 655-2232
Tammy Hayes
Town Clerk(E) Debbie Costello 655-8582 ext. 1
fax# 655-8583
Bookkeeper (A) Sue Volz 655-8582 ext 3
Planning Board(A) John Dunkle
Robert Carr 655-8284
James St. Pierre 684-3718
Michael Emerson 662-9389
Sandra Palmer 655-2450
Kathleen Maloney 662-2020
Diane Cass 662-2017
Keli Perrin, Alternate
Steve Wagner – Alternate
Highway Superintendent(E) Joseph Deyo 315-662-7942 or 315-447-0256
Zoning Board of Appeals(A) John Tobin
Carl Shaw 655-8540
John Foley 655-3701
Eric Lints
Kathryn Eberst
Zoning Officer (A) Roger Cook 655-8582 ext 5
cell 447-0476
Town Justice (E)  Karen H. Marris 655-8582 ext 6 fax 315-655-4389
Town Attorney (A) James T. Stokes 655-3463
ext 223
Assessor (A) Rhonda Weigand 315-668-9931
Dog Control (A) Gordon Baker 559-7279
Historian (A) M. Fay Lyon 655-8045
Laine Gilmore, Co-Historian 315-655-3978
Grievance Board (A) Peres McCarthy
Jacqueline Carr 662-3742
Rosalyn Bandy
Liaison to the Cazenovia Sewer District Board for the Town of Nelson Mike Costello
Erieville Water Advisory Committee(A) Chris Westcott 662-7055
James Gemmell
Kevin Parker
EWD Operator Mark Nourse