Inquiries and research for both Erieville and Nelson can be conducted by the town historian with help from volunteers from the Erieville Nelson Historical Society. You can use the forms here to email to the historian, and you can send attachments if you need to include them to assist us in your research. Both the town historian and the Erieville Nelson Heritage Society can be contacted through the Nelson town historian, Fay Lyon. Since we are a small staff of volunteers, we appreciate your patience in our response to your research request. A goodwill donation of $5.00 for research in the Erieville – Nelson Heritage Society collection and $1.00 for print or digital copies is very much appreciated and the money is used to support our non profit historical society, the Erieville Nelson Heritage Society. Donations can be sent to:

Erieville – Nelson Heritage Society
Nelson Town Office Building
4085 Nelson Road
Cazenovia, NY 13035

Erieville – Nelson Heritage Society Mission Statement

The Erieville – Nelson Heritage Society has established a program for the collection of historical documents relating to people, businesses, organizations and events within the town of Nelson. The program is designed to ensure permanent care of these documents and the availability of these records for historical research.

The society is focusing on the collection of documents such as ledges of business, photographs, postcards, newspaper clippings, titles of property, scrapbooks, diaries, slides, family histories and genealogy, town records and old maps. Persons having such historical items in their possession are urged to consider donation of the items to the heritage society. Items received will be appraised for historical significance and if accepted for the purpose of the program, will become property of the Heritage Society, and stored in the town of Nelson archives. Items not meeting the purpose of the program will be returned to the owners.

Persons having historical items in their possession but not wishing to donate the items at this time, are requested to notify the society of the existence of the documents and the availability of the items for historical research. The owner may wish to donate the items at a later date to preserve them, or to let us copy them.

A permanent loan of the document will be accepted from other historical organizations, and recorded as such, but all other historical items will be accepted only on a permanent basis, not on loan.

Access to the Collections

Only the town clerk, town historian, or members of the historical society will have access to the collection. Those wishing to research in person, should contact the town historian by phone, mail or email for an appointment with the town historian, or historical society volunteers. Email the town historian, Fay Lyon, through the email link included on this page, or inquire by mail to either the Town Historian or Erieville Nelson Heritage Society. Your inquiry will be received by both.

Vital Records

The town of Nelson has some vital records from 1847 – 1848. Births, deaths and marriage records in the town of Nelson began about 1881. Please contact the town clerk, Debbie Costello, by phone or email for inquiries of registered births, marriages and deaths.

Debbie Costello, Town Clerk
Phone: 315-655-8582, Fax 315-655-8583
4085 Nelson Road, Cazenovia, NY 13035
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.