Town of Nelson, NY - Town Officials

Town Supervisor elected

Jim Cunningham
Phone: (315) 655-8582

Town Clerk elected

Debbie Costello
Nelson Road Cazenovia, NY 13035
Phone: 315-655-8582
Fax: 315-655-8583

Highway Superintendent elected

Joseph Deyo
Phone: (315) 662-7942 -or-
Phone: (315) 447-0256(cell)

Town of Nelson - Town Boards


Town Board elected

Supervisor: Jim Cunningham,
Deputy Supervisor: John Laubscher
Councilor: Deborah Kenn
Councilor: Jennifer Marti
Councilor: John LaGorga
Town Clerk: Debbie Costello
Deputy Town Clerk: Glenys Williams

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Planning Board appointed

John Dunkle, Chairman
Rosalyn Bandy
James St. Pierre
Keli Perrin
Michael Emerson
Kathleen Maloney
Sandy Palmer
Donna Isbell, Alternate
Steve Wagner, Alternate

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Zoning Board of Appeals appointed

John Tobin, Chairman
Carl Shaw
John Foley
Eric Lints
Kathryn Eberst

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Assessment Grievance Board appointed

Peres McCarthy
Robert Curtis
Rosalyn Bandy

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Bookkeeper appointed

Sue Volz
(315) 655-8582 ext. 3

Zoning/Code Officer appointed

Roger Cook
(315) 655-8582 ext. 5
cell (315) 447-0476

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Town Justice elected

Karin H. Marris
Phone: (315) 655-8582 ext. 6
Justice Clerk: Sue Volz
Justice Clerk: Patricia Amico

Assessor appointed

Brian Fitts
(315) 684-9052

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Dog Control appointed

Gordon Baker
Phone: (315) 559-7279

Historian appointed

M. Fay Lyon
Laine Gilmore,

Liaison to the Cazenovia Sewer District Board for the Town of Nelson appointed

John LaGorga

Erieville Water Advisory Committee appointed

Water systems Operator: Mark Nourse

Secretary and Commissioner: Christabell Westcott

Commissioner:Kevin Parker

District water meter reading:James Gemmell

EWD Operator

Mark Nourse

Town Attorney

James Stokes
Phone: 315-655-3463 ext 223